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Dibujos de la pizarra


Our services

Within the framework of demonstrating permanent improvement within educational institutions, based on the ICSE Educational Quality Index, the following services are available, all of which allow us to guarantee an increase in this indicator of education quality in the national order.


  • Increase performance, progress, efficiency, and school environment in educational institutions.

  • Substantially improve the human resources of educational institutions, based on relevant updates and effective accompaniments.

  • Strengthen educational institutions through updates of Institutional Educational Projects, implementation of organizational culture, improvement of strategic management among other tools.

  • Generate effective, truthful and objective reports about educational institutions in the administrative, academic and community components.

Custom texts

We understand that all institutions have their own identity, so we adjust this service to suit you in order to meet the needs of each institution.

My Partial

My partial, is an external evaluation service aimed at all institutions that want to strengthen their skills before the state tests,     (Knowledge test)


Institutional strengthening

In order to satisfy the own and particular needs of each institution, we offer the institutional strengthening service 

Pre-knowledge 11

For students who are close to taking the state exam, Saber 11 ° offers training courses with a focus on developing competencies.

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